Bomb was the first to die. Who was next? There had to be someone to replace him but who? That's right! Segamu can replace! Definitely! Another retard showed up to face against the terminator and failed terribly because he was too stupid to realize that he wasn't translating into the correct language. Instead of translating to C#, he was translating to monkey speech: Ooga booga ook ook? Nice scare tactic but your battle didn't even last a single day. Worst replacement ever. Even Bomb did better than Segamu and that's a compliment to him.

2018-10-02 19 41 17-Selling - Undetected CS GO Cheats! Minecraft Market

Segamu, displaying his retarded behaviour in MC Market

2018-10-02 18 52 20-Selling - Undetected CS GO Cheats! Minecraft Market

Onireves, shutting down retarded fuck

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