Welcome to D0minator.xyzEdit

Do you want to beat scrubs like never before? Don't worry. We know you're bullied at school and have no friends. We know you want to shoot up schools but the only way is to kill people in CS:GO. That's why we created to beat all the retards and rape them. Join our discord so you can take revenge on those bullies.

Video Edit

This video demonstrates the power of the best private CS:GO legit cheat ever made by an autistic Terminator called Onireves.
D0minator - The Best CSGO Legit Cheat Trailer-1

The Autistic War Edit

War never changes. Even our peaceful community had to face war. That's why we have to destroy them before they destroy us. In other words, TERMINATE them.

Battle of D0minator Edit

When people try to steal things from hard workers, it causes a war. This battle is an example of a monkey stealing from a Terminator that wanted to get free things and running away with it. Learn this historical battle to never steal ever again.

Battle of Varzea Edit

Friendly communities exist but there are so few of them. is one of them. However, things go south, not for, when they try to change the minds of a degenerate group of bandits commanded by the likes of Eddy, a tyrannical fucktard who hates everybody and loves the color pink.

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